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One integrated place for better whole health

Sydney℠ Health is an award-winning app that delivers personalized results. With a highly-intuitive experience, the app meets our members wherever they are and allows them to manage their healthcare anytime, anywhere.

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With Sydney Health, your employees can:

  • Access information about their plans, benefits, and claims.
  • Receive 24/7 support and find care when they need it.
  • Connect to fitness apps and receive recommendations based on their health goals.

Promoting Sydney Health

There are multiple ways you can encourage your employees to download and engage with Sydney Health. Employers that do at least two of these see an increase in app adoption and use — which can lead to improved outcomes for your employees and a better bottom line for your business.

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Select an executive sponsor to encourage downloading Sydney Health as part of your benefits enrollment process

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Ongoing multi-channel communications*

Leverage different communication resources, including flyers or direct mail to promote the download, registration, and use of Sydney Health

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Incentives programs*

Build and encourage use of incentives and reward programs through Sydney Health to increase engagement

*additional costs may apply
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The future of care*

*Some features, functionality and programs may vary

One integrated place for better whole health

Access to care anytime, anywhere

With Sydney Health, members have a single point of access to their benefits, tools, and resources—all at their fingertips. They can access and easily share their ID cards with doctors or medical professionals. Features like Health History via My Health Records, pharmacy integration for easy refills, and access to benefit and claims information allow your employees to manage their care comprehensively for better whole health.

Promoting wellness through personalization

Encouraging wellness through personalization

Featuring powerful AI tools that inspire real action, Sydney can help your employees choose steps they can take to make immediate choices for better health. Anthem will also communicate through reminders and tips to help them along the way. Data helps to identify at-risk members, and through the My Health Dashboard, employees can receive incentives for participating in challenges and reaching health goals. They can also discover local resources and programs for food, housing, education, transit, legal, and more through the Community Resources search tool.

Service and support

Proactive support

Sydney offers support that is not only personalized but proactive, with data insights based on a member’s individual claims and engagement history. The app can direct your employees to quality, cost-effective providers, provide wellness reminders for their specific goals, and provide guidance based on their symptoms. With AI-enabled in-app chat and live chat options, Sydney Health makes complex healthcare decisions simpler. Members can even connect seamlessly with doctors via video or live chat, talk to Health Guides, or view personalized messages from Anthem.

Incentives and programming

Incentives and challenges with easy tracking

The app integrates wellness solutions to help motivate your employees to achieve better health. Incentives, wellness challenges, and customizable rewards can help engage our members and promote more positive, long-term behavior. In-app messages and push notifications can help motivate them while employers enjoy transparency through advanced analytics and reporting.

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Nutrition tracking

Nutrition tracking

Available at no cost, our exclusive Nutrition Tracker delivers personalized insights with a simple wave of your employee’s smartphone. Recognizing and tracking an entire meal in real-time along with its ability to share detailed nutritional information with providers allows for recommendations that can improve your employee’s health on-the-spot. By balancing health plan information with real-time nutrition education, the nutrition tracker gives members new ways to engage with their health that are supported by intuitive technology and evidence-based research.

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Creating results

Millions are already engaging regularly with Sydney Health, giving them simple and convenient access to enhanced health and wellbeing.

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4.8 rating in iOS Appstore
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2X as many digital interactions as phone calls
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9 Million+ registered on digital tools
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