Incentives inspire your healthiest workforce

Anthem’s new incentive solutions are integrated seamlessly into Sydney℠ Health, so your employees can work towards their health goals and improve their well-being. And teams with more than 1,000 employees can further customize incentive packages to tailor rewards to your workforce. Either way, by encouraging engagement with these incentives programs, you can build a healthier, more productive team with fewer lost days.

Employees with incentives are:

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1.4x more likely to participate in condition management programs than members with no incentive1

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3.8x more likely to complete their annual wellness exam and receive a flu shot than members with no incentive1

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Our incentive programs:

  • Let you provide rewards that motivate your work population.
  • Create a dynamic experience that adjusts to support each unique member’s interests and needs.
  • Offer redeemable rewards that are easy for members to earn and receive.
  • Engage employees in healthy behaviors and motivate them by tracking their progress.

Incentives give your employees extra support to reach their individual health goals.

Every employee uniquely approaches their wellness goals. Our Engagement Packages reward employees for taking part in a wide variety of condition management, preventive care, and wellness activities. Employees can follow their progress and rewards2 earned through Sydney.

Engagement Package 200

For employers with 51+ subscribers

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Engagement Package 500

For employers with 100+ subscribers

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Engagement Package 700

For employers with 100+ subscribers

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